Zesty Cricket Powder smoothie


- 1/4 cup raw cashews;

- 1/4 cup hemp seeds;

- 1/2 cup dates (about 4 or 5 large dates);

- 1 1/2 cups fresh orange juice;

- 1 Tbsp Camola Cricket Powder.


- 2 Tsp fresh orange zest (use organic oranges to be sure that there are no chemicals on the zest, and scrape or grate it directly from the fruit, avoiding to grind the white part);

- 2 cups coconut ice (freeze some coconut water in an ice cube tray; it makes your smoothie creamy).


How to make:

Prepare ahead of time the coconut ice (if you like to add it). Blend together all the ingredients, including the Cricket Powder, in a blender until smooth.


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