Wait, What?

Yes, edible insects! It’s new, it’s cool, it’s healthy and it’s sustainable! Cricket flour (or powder) is a new ingredient that adds protein, taste and makes every dish a culinary experience! Using insects as an ingredient sounds strange for western countries diets, but it’s common everywhere else in the world. Over 2 billion people eat insects everyday as a staple part of their diet. It’s an healthy, sustainable and tasty option!

Where do the crickets come from?

Don’t panic, we don’t go around catching crickets in the wild! Believe it or not, nowadays crickets are a new kind of livestock! Crickets are farmed in repurposed barns, under controlled conditions and using healthy, humane techniques. Once the time arrives, they are “harvested” and processed into cricket flour! The process involves freezing them (a natural death for insects, that’s what happens in nature!), and then oven-roasting and grinding. And now you know the rest of the story!

What is the “cricket flour” you use in your products?

Great question! “Cricket flour” is, basically, 100% roasted ground crickets. It’s a fine powder, with an earthy-umami taste and a bran-like smell. It’s in all respects an ingredient, not just a protein, and we constantly search for the best recipes to showcase its versatility and greatness!

Are crickets/edible insects vegetarian/vegan?

Another great question! The only answer that we can give you is: it depends… Being vegetarian/vegan is a personal choice, one that requires research and insight. All we can tell you is that insects are a very sustainable choice that impacts the environment way less than any other animal product and many plant protein available on the market. Also, the farming techniques applied are sustainable, humane and safe. We do believe that the idea of insects as a sustainable alternative is one of the best option joining the food scene!

Do you have gluten free options?

Although some of our product are formulated without any wheat flour, we do not certify our products as gluten free (yet…). If you have a mild intolerance to gluten, we do suggest to check the ingredients and try some of our products. If you are celiac, we ask you to have a little bit of patience while we work on our new facilities.

Where can I get your products?

You can always order our products from our websites. We currently deliver in the Edmonton area. Please check our delivery schedule and covered areas for more information. We are also at several farmers’ Markets in Edmonton. You can buy online and choose free delivery at one of these locations. Or you can come visit us and chat about edible insects. We love to meet our beloved customers in person!