Get to know us



    Silvia and Claudio have combined their years of experience in Entomology and Environmental Sciences with their Italian heritage, to bring you delicious treats and amazing food with the added nutrition and the environmental advantages of INSECTS!


Claudio has a background in Biology, Environmental Sciences and Entomology. He has taken part in entomological researches for the past 10 years in both Italy and Canada.
He got hooked by the idea of entomophagy after eating his first grasshopper, and ever since has never stopped trying to find a way to get everyone to enjoy edible insects.
In his spare time, Claudio unwinds by practicing martial arts. He has been practicing for a few years now, and he likes the sense of focus and centering that martial arts bring, and he tries to incorporate the same perspective in Camola.
He is also an amateur harmonica player (although don’t ask him to play) and he tries to practice as often as possible.
His favorite Camola product? “Crick Chips”! He likes them before and after a good workout in the gym, or when he is in the mood for a healthy snack in the afternoon!


Silvia is an entomologist with a big passion for food. She holds a BSc in Biology, a MSc in Conservation and Animal Biodiversity both at the University of Turin and she is currently finishing her master in Forest Biology and Management at the University of Alberta. She is particularly interested in entomology, insects are amazing and she loves studying them.

Beside being passionate about science, Silvia has an ardent interest for food, she believes that eating is not only a way to get fuel for the body but a way to connect and communicate. For this reason, while working at her master, Silvia attended several culinary courses at NAIT to improve her cooking skills.

In her spare time, Silvia loves hiking, biking or simply spending time in the garden with Didi’, her cat.  She also loves baking sourdough bread, her favourite bread, making fresh pasta and experimenting new recipes, with and without edible insects.